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Vidvas HR solutions’ holistic approach touching upon geography, industry specialisation and functional expertise and fine-tuned by additional leadership services, are all part of a well-planned matrix structure. All this is designed to give a unique advantage and make the selection process systematic, well- structured, detailed and target-oriented. This robust process encompasses all clients – global or local and renders the  methodology that benefits and enriches every hiring.

 The kernel of our matrix structure is our combined, varied experience of a century, spread across as Leaders, Entrepreneurs and Talent providers. This mix of strength gives us a reach to the most relevant resources and relationships. It also enables us to better understand the requirements of our client and their perspective which is so vital in the search for the leader. Factoring of cultures, operations, business strategies and industries all form part of the hiring methodology that  involve a follow-up with both clients and candidates, post recruitment.



Hiring Methodology

Leadership Hiring


Vidvas HR solutions operates through a matrix structure – organised by geography, industry specialization and functional expertise as well as by additional leadership services. Our selection process is based on a structured and systematic approach, which is proactive, detailed and target oriented.

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Our clients, whether global or local including large and small, stand to benefit greatly from our hiring methodology. With over 100 years of our combined experience, as Leaders, Entrepreneurs, and Talent Providers, we have access to the most relevant resources and relationships. Our hiring methodology enables us to understand our clients’ business requirements in its totality, factoring their cultures, operations, business strategies and industries, thoroughly. Further, it goes all the way to follow-up with both clients and candidates post recruitment.


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