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The dynamics and pace of change at the work-place that we are witnessing today compels a vision that is incisive and mature. It needs a Vidvas to meet and surmount the challenges and place the enterprise on a growth and development trajectory. Vidvas, among the top Executive search firms in the business, is here to meet the aspirational needs of the enterprises and also the hunger of potential leaders who wish to leave an imprint of their class. Vidvas’ ‘pick of the season’ is its strength, zeroing in on CXO jobs, positions and placements.   With its deep insight of the strengths and potential of businesses, at Vidvas, we believe that it is team-work that is the measure of success of any activity. As such, we pick not only the leader but also help in bringing together a team of Executives to support the leader. Every Company brings a role and culture unique to itself and its C-level executives.  Each search engagement is therefore customized to the specific objectives of the client’s needs, culminating in end-to-end recruitment and staffing solutions..


Leadership Hiring

Placing of the right candidate is only the beginning of Vidvas’ commitment. Thereafter, we closely review the candidate’s performance and provide periodic inputs, both to the client as well as the employee to ensure that course corrections happen quickly and seamlessly. 

It is our firm belief that success in leadership search only begins with the placement.  The long-term business impact that a leader can usher into the enterprise and among the work-force is the natural course of Vidvas’ search for the right C-level executive. 


Contract Hiring 


The shifting contours of workload with demand for skills of varying degrees, necessitates completion of projects with support from auxiliary workforce who can deliver in the short-term. The challenges of a volatile market are best addressed by hiring workers whose services may be utilised for specific purposes. Multi-skilling is a strength that is welcome in today’s fast paced environment. Vidvas appreciates this critical need and steps in with hiring solutions on a turnkey basis that meets with needs of clients and also enables the contract worker monetise his/her skills when such a need arises in an industry.  

Search Process

    Understanding Company’s Requirements

    Organization Culture and Candidate Profile

    Sourcing the suitable leader

    Candidate Assessment

    Interview and Shortlist



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