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Vidvas HR solutions is a ‘Headhunting’ company based in Bangalore. We serve organizations across India, helping them find suitable candidates for all critical hierarchical levels. Our tagline best describes us. While we are relatively young in terms of physical presence, wisdom in the form of the aggregate of decades of experience is what makes Vidvas robust. A strength of commitment and trust that propels growth with stability both for the enterprise and the recruited leaders is the driving force for Vidvas


Vidvas Founders

Mohan Rangarao

Mohan Rangarao

Co-Founder & Chairman

Co-founder and Chairman of Vidvas HR Solutions, Mohan Rangarao brings a mixture of knowledge and skill to a rich experience of over three decades. An MBA, specialised in Marketing, add to his enormous knowledge of Pharmaceuticals and FMCG industries. He is passionate about Brand Building and Positioning accompanied by Market Research and Competitive Intelligence .

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His deep dedication and enthusiasm helped him build and maintain relationships with multicultural leadership across the globe in highly complex matrix integrated organization structures.

He has been an active and functioning member of innumerable Corporate Boards and Industrial bodies. Prior to joining Vidvas HR Solutions, he spearheaded both the national and International Marketing of the legendary Vasu Agarbathies  (the Indian Incense Company) as its Managing Partner

Dr. Subramani Uthappa

Dr. Subramani Uthappa

Co-Founder & CEO

Co-founder and the Chief Executive Officer of Vidvas HR Solutions, Dr. Subramani Uthappa leads the team providing the all-important strategic direction to make the Executive search Company a hub for clients looking for dynamic leadership solutions   

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His eye for detail and scouring for the invisible strength in potential leaders comes from his deep interest in Human Resources with focus on Talent acquisition, HR consulting, and Employee Engagement.
Previously, Dr.Uthappa was Senior Partner at The Head Hunters India, where he developed bold and innovative business strategies, doubling the growth of the company and making it a leader in Executive search, boasting of clients ranking among the who’s who of industry. This resulted in positioning the organization as one of the most sought-after executive search companies in India.
His three-decade long career has helped him acquire valuable experience both internationally as well as in domestic markets in diverse verticals such as Business Development, Management consulting, Contract Recruitment and Talent Management.
A graduate in Mechanical Engineering, Dr. Uthappa’s academic interests saw him earn an MBA, followed by a Ph.D in Management


To ‘gift’ the best available leader to the client, in excess of expectations..


Our Values, inspiration and drivers..


The joy of being inspired by others catalyzes into efforts leading to the goal, namely leadership search. This is a consequence of sheer team-work at Vidvas…where the sum total of our varied experiences results in a unique double – one, meeting the client’s requirement and enhancing a relationship that is fortified with every search and two, presenting to the prospective leader, the destination of choice. Truly, in togetherness lies wisdom for us as our association with our clients and leaders grows every day


Trust is the cornerstone of any relationship and Vidvas’ life-breath because it is all about finding the right leader for our client and the place that the leader would not swap. Our focus is therefore on the right solution, not the easy one. Both client and potential appointee can take heart at the thorough screening and unbiased portrayal that Vidvas brings to the table, coupled with timely responsiveness.


‘Dynamism is life’ and this couldn’t be truer for enterprises whose mantra is ‘growth’. What makes this possible is the Vidvas team that believes in ‘individually we are strong, but collectively we are stronger’ with their unique blend of rich experience… to leverage their entire network across industries, sectors and practices to pick from the available, the best for the leadership role.


We believe in building long-term, trusted relationships with you and your organization—often spanning decades. We value our Client’s well-being as param

Relationships are best nurtured by certainty that comes from stability. Vidvas believes in building long-term relationships with clients that would stand the test of time and weather known and unknown eventualities. The client’s well-being and health of the enterprise is paramount to us at Vidvas.


Vidvas will set new standards in leadership

search across industries, thereby getting

global recognition and becoming one of the top

20 Leadership Search companies by 2030!

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