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What We Do

  • Understanding your business, people and culture
  • Recruiting talented candidates for your business needs
  • Training leaders

Vidvas HR solutions is a premier executive search company


Vidvas HR solutions is a premier executive search company based in Bangalore having its presence across India to cater its respective business. The expertise of our management team in hiring leaders cumulatively spans almost a century. Vidvas HR solutions is a headhunting company with culture that is firmly rooted in wisdom, trust, growth and stability. Vidvas is  here to make your journey of searching for talented leadership team a smooth and hassle free ride.

Leadership Hiring


We understand the potential of great leaders. Having walked through the shoes of leaders ourselves, we comprehend their value in an organization to the core. At Vidvas HR Solutions, our aim is to bring out the desired change for the companies seeking robust and reliable leadership services.

Temporary Staffing



In circumstances that are uncertain and unforeseeable, hiring employees on a full-time basis may not be fruitful. Hence, we recognize that companies have demand for workforce that can fill the gap swiftly. 

As the roles of the temporary staffs have widened over the years, today client have more flexibility to hire them at the given time


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